Remakes for Windows,DOS,TI-83/84+ calculators,BBC Micro,Acorn Electron,
Linux, Mac & GP2X
of Malcolm Tyrrell's original program for the beloved Speccy.

Original Title Screen
Windows Title Screen
TI-83/84 Plus Title Screen
BBC Micro Title Screen
Electron Title Screen
Linux Title Screen
GP2X Title Screen
DOS Title Screen
Mac Title Screen

In November of 2010 I came across this game on World Of Spectrum
and very quickly became hooked.

The notes from the author positively encouraged conversion to other platforms
and after finishing the many other projects which I had on the go
at the time - and a few which cropped up in-between - the Easter holidays
of 2011 finally gave me the opportunity to have a go.

The game uses the original 'MazezaMs' provided with the Spectrum version,
for which Mr. Tyrrell retains the copyright.

The BBC Micro and Acorn Electron versions now contain a total of 4 level sets,
along with a level designer which will output a custom, standalone
version of the game.

Full details of the original version can be found on

Original Gameplay
Windows Gameplay
TI-83/84 Plus Gameplay
BBC / Electron Gameplay
Linux / Mac Gameplay
DOS Gameplay
GP2X Gameplay

Anyway, I could waffle on for hours about this but would much prefer you to
download the file and find out for yourself.


Click on one of the images below to choose your download

Windows Download
TI-83/84 Plus Download
BBC Micro Download
Acorn Electron Download
Dos Download
Linux Download
GP2X Download
Mac Download

Please visit the BBC & Electron versions' main page at

Further Information

All versions incorporate extra levels kindly provided
by Malcolm from his quite frankly mind-boggling 1k ZX81 version of the game.
There are also some of my own levels in there.
They're easy to spot because they are the ones with the distinctly amateur
edge to them - although I'm quite proud of 'Duck Commander'
and 'The Wumpus Room'.

Windows Version
If you wish to add or change any of the Mazezams then replace or edit the
file 'original.mzm' in the 'Resources' folder.
For further guidance, follow the link to the game's page on WOS above.
To play just unzip the folder and double click on 'MazezaM.exe'
No install required.

TI-83/84 Plus Version
The TI version contains 25 levels, only one of which is my own.
Some levels had to be culled as they would not fit in the smaller screen.
If you are not sure how to get asm programs running
on your calculator then nip over to for all you need to know.
No shell required.

BBC Micro Model B / Master 128 Version

MazezaM for the BBC contains a total of 39 levels.
Eight of these are my own.
This version now comes with 'Monstrous MazezaM' & 'Malevolent MazezaM' each
containing 39 levels of my own design, along with 'MazezaM In Da 80s',
a 10 level set written at 'In Da 80s' in July 2011 in Manchester.
There is also a level designer so you can roll your own MazezaMs.
I haven't even looked at 6502 asm since I was at school.
Un-daunted by the very odd way that the Beeb stores its
Mode 2 graphics - well, all modes really - I ploughed on, and
produced the version found here. Plenty of levels and oodles
of delicious 8-bit colour.

Acorn Electron Version

A simple(-ish) port from the first BBC version.
The scroll resolution had to be decreased due to the slower
processor speed but, other than that, works just the same.
Due to the hardware restrictions on the Elk, while writing
this I managed to come up with some ways to improve the Beeb version.
Certain sections were completely re-written from scratch, particularly
the routine that draws the background bricks.
(Now updated with extra levels & level designer as per the Beeb version)

Dos Version

The zip file contains 2 versions of the game.
The first is the main version 'MZMDOS.exe' and is designed to run on
just about anything.
Chuck this at that ageing 386 you have stashed in a corner
and all should be well. If, as is most likely, you are running it
in DosBox then it will also do the job.
The second version, 'MZMDOSF.exe' came about because the routines for
checking the processor speed breaks down a little under DosBox on very
recent hardware and, while you can just reduce the 'cycles' count to
bring it in to line, this should save you the bother of having to.
The folder also contains the file 'ox.mzm' which contains the actual
levels. These are taken from the 'Original eXtended' version for
the Acorn & Windows versions.

Linux Version

I always thought that my Windows version looked a touch small on the screen.
This version has been resized so that it is a little easier to see what is going on.
A screen of at least 800x600 is required and the following dependencies:


GP2X Version

The Linux version has been shrunk down to fit inside the GP2X's somewhat more
diminutive screen. Run this as normal from the 'Game' option, then press any
key to skip through the 'Glass Fractal' logo screen.
The sound can be turned off/on using the volume buttons and you can exit from
the game completely by pressing both of them at the same time.

Mac Version

MazezaM for OSX is really just a slight rejigging of the source code for
the Linux version and looks and plays identically.